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Dear visitors: Welcome 


Please allow me to briefly introduce myself:

My name is Matthias Kismihok and I was born in Weißwasser (1972), a small town in Saxony, Germany. Life led to my family and I moving to Hungary at the age of 4, where I completed my schooling and training as a bricklayer. I was and still am a German citizen.


-In 1991, my job took me to Eisleben, a German city, where I lived for about 2 years. I then found a job as a bricklayer in Schopfheim, a town in Baden-Württemberg. Since then I have lived in this triangle (Pratteln Basel-Landschaft) that connects France, Switzerland and Germany. I have grown very fond of these countries and consider them my home just as much as Hungary or Germany.

-I have been working in the cleaning industry since 1995. First part-time, then full-time as a cleaner. I know all the tricks and tips of cleaning work very well. Since the end of the 90s I have also worked as an entrepreneur in Germany and France. I have been running my own company in Switzerland since 2014. Since then, our team has cleaned thousands of households. I have cleaned countless square meters of window glass. We have cleaned schools, museums, public buildings, hospitals, doctor's offices and single-family homes and made windows shine. 

I would also like to share my 28 years of cleaning experience with you. My goal is that you are satisfied with my/our work and if there is any complaint, we will resolve it immediately and without complicated bureaucracy.

If you are interested in our services, please feel free to write to us (form, email, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger or call us on our free phone number. It would be a great honor for us to welcome you as a customer. Thank you.

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